The Open Thread

Having problems with the forums?
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46 thoughts on “The Open Thread

  1. Yet again, the site is down. It’s obviously no longer a viable location for the content that it hosts so is there something the user community could do to migrate off of that S#$T hole? We need a movement to take as much info as possible when it comes back (stickies and important threads) and get them the hell off that site.

    • The real problem is that there seems to be a refusal to accept help, or even be open about what’s actually going on. A lot of people on the forum are IT types and would understand a technical explanation. My feeling is still that the web host they’re using is not up to the task of hosting all the sites that they have (note that is down too).

      • Understood and agreed. Just checked yarisworld and it’s down as well. I am actually one of those IT types although I specialize in virtualization and not web hosting so forgive my ignorance in that area but aren’t the admins paying the hosting company to keep everything up and running? Obviously its a breach in the SLA that they must have agreed to when they first signed up but is anyone making the calls to find out why they aren’t getting what they pay for?

      • If they have multiple websites it’s completely possible that they’re renting a server instead of web space. In that case the web host only really has an SLA for hardware and network issues and isn’t on the hook for port 80 being up and displaying a web page.

        But honestly, we have no idea about their hosting arrangement other than conjecture.

    • This site is on a shared server, but not on the same one as golfmk5 or golfmk6. Other than similar user base we are not affiliated with golfmk6 in anyway.

      If someone wants to give us free server space we would definitely take it and be able to expand our offerings!

    • Oh man, as someone in the web hosting industry I remember the days when “unlimited” threw huge red flags. 😀 It’s probably being oversold all to hell though. These days I sell Xen VMs on the side, which is easier to deal with from a tech support and administration perspective.

      • Like I stated previously, I am completely ignorant when it comes to web development or hosting. I do absolutely agree that it should be virtual though.

      • Would make backups easier and less likely to cause all-day downtimes, anyway (or at least that’s the theory that I’ve heard on the forums before).

    • Someone on golfmk6 actually started a GTI only forum recently, but I forget the name of it. Wouldn’t help the TDI/2.5 people though.

    • I will answer with a quote from earlier:

      “If someone wants to give us free server space we would definitely take it and be able to expand our offerings!”

      We would be happy to host a forum on this site, and I feel it would be a natural fit. Currently, we would be unable to do so.

      • S2Ki did very well with a paid tier at 20 bucks for the year where you would need that level to post in the classifieds, along with additional site access to areas for paid members only. Cut down on fraudulent ads as well. As there are quite a few members who are beyond frustrated with golfmk6, that may be a way for you guys to cover the cost of the new site.

    • I REALLY want to continue my research into the BFI Stage 1 mounts too 😦 So close to pulling the trigger but I want to read more opinions on how the vibes are affected with all 3 as opposed to just the torque mount insert. I’ve read a thread where the OP swears it reduced vibes to use all 3 but I’d like a few more confirmations of that before I purchase. Had the insert first before, removed it and went with the autotech which provided less vibes, but when cold hit the rubber hardened and it got worse.

      • Tryin to figure out about those who are running ST coils. I’m looking to get Enkei EKM3 gunmetal to match my theme of CSG’ing my entire car. Just got my grill painted, and lip. Once winter is over I wanna rock the enkeis and ST coils. I’m just a huge noob when it comes to suspension, so idk if I’m gonna need to do anything to run the coils and wheels.

        I assume not though since the wheels are basically stock detroit specs.

  2. I said it before jokingly but I will be serious now, if someone has server space that we can use to host this blog, we can certainly add a forum. We would be able to pay for it at some point, but not now.

  3. Yet again, we’re at a standstill. What sucks even more is this site is blocked at work! Damnit!

    Never the less. I’ll do my best to help out and check this every so often.

    • Would probably need a dedicated server or two, actually. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable with putting the site on a shared host or even a virtual machine somewhere. Then again, depending on the traffic a VM might work.

      • I have identified a shared host that I think can take the load (fatcow) of this site and any features we add. I will likely make the move in a couple weeks.

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