Technical Understanding: Intakes: Stock vs. Drop In vs. Aftermarket

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted a Technical Understanding thread with some hard data and calculations to further feed our minds. Since most of the conceptual basis of the earlier threads were…..for the least bit…..theorhetical and quite possibly boring, I decided to do a little experimenting (with help from NS01GTI) to collaborate data to compare stock intake with drop ins and aftermarket intakes.

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Mk6 Clutch Failure Study.

One of the most expensive and frustrating types of failure to occur on a car is a clutch. Its not an overly expensive part, but labor can easily double the cost of replacement. Clutch failures are inevitable with age, but there has been some conjecture within the VW MKVI GTI community that they are happening at a higher than average rate for low mileage cars.

In some cases, Volkswagen has replaced these slipping/failed clutches under warranty. In other cases individuals have taken the burden of costs on themselves and often upgraded to a performance clutch at the same time.

The question at the heart of the issue is if it occurs in a statistically significant volume. To get at the heart of this issue, I have created a brief survey about your clutch and your driving habbits. Please respond REGARDLESS of you having a clutch failure or not.

The link the survey is:

Thanks for your assistance, and for typical Car Reliability Discussions and Analysis, check out

Review: ST Coilovers

The VAG world is notorious for lowering vehicles. Some some much, that the slammed look is just not enough. Yet, most are willing to bring their vehicles at least 1/2″ to 2″ down to get rid of that disgusting wheel gap. That’s where I step in, to help the decision-making process. Are you considering coilovers? Do you want “Moar Low”? Do you want all the benefits of a sexy look yet a smooth ride? Lets take a look at this product and really determine if this mod could be on your “radar”. Continue reading

Valve-Lift: The German VTEC

There has been much discussion in the present day about fuel economy standards and new technology to meet them. Every automotive maker will do their best to “one-up” the competition, yet all the systems rely on the same logic and theory behind it. So when is line drawn? When can you honestly say you have a product worth boasting about, if the other competitor has simpler system producing the same results? Time to learn how to say, “ValveLift JUST KICKED IN YO!”

We will start with Vtec. Honda’s most prized possession for literally the last x years. This has been the source for all the internet jokes ever since the first Honda/Acura Integra acquired it in 1989. (Yes, the CBR400 had it in1983, but we will stick to four-wheel vehicles) However, its not much to joke about. Yes, it makes a lovely noise. However, is it doing what is intended?

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