Review: Unibrace XB


Back in December, I jumped on a Unibrace Group Buy on the MK6 Forums. I picked up the UB and RB braces and reviewed them thoroughly here: Unibrace UB and RB Review. After talking with Bruce@Unibrace for a while, he assured me that if I enjoyed the UB/RB combo so much, it would behoove me to get the final piece of the puzzle…..the XB. If I had to rate the prior combination (UB/RB) I’d give it a solid 5/10, in relation to the sway bars. With the addition of the XB, I’d give a mind blowing 10/10. Why? Dive in the find out.

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Review: Unibrace UB and RB


There comes a time when modding your daily that you have to tell yourself to stop. We all know that impossible, but I felt I was pretty much done with my vehicle. However, across the forums, I heard such great things about Unibrace as a company and their products that it was a battle to quench the temptation, but in the end, it won due to a group buy.
The offer was too good to pass up, so I took the plunge.

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Technical Understanding: Intakes: Stock vs. Drop In vs. Aftermarket

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted a Technical Understanding thread with some hard data and calculations to further feed our minds. Since most of the conceptual basis of the earlier threads were…..for the least bit…..theorhetical and quite possibly boring, I decided to do a little experimenting (with help from NS01GTI) to collaborate data to compare stock intake with drop ins and aftermarket intakes.

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Review: Unitronic Stage 2 DSG Tune

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Yep. Unitronic tuning on my APR K04 vehicle. While some might consider it an abomination to the vendor world and/or blasphemy, I consider it a blessing in disguise. My ultimate goal was to get a DSG tune that would fit my modding “philosophy” as well as justify its existance among the tuning world. We all know that DSG tuning is considered “optional” for K04, but with the hiccups of the stock tuning and the headaches that it can cause, when does “optional” become a need for functionality? Research time…..had begun.

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Review: Driver Gear Springs + APR F&R Swaybars

Everyone always enjoys “Install Saturdays”. You get to take time out of your busy and stressful life and do this thing you love to do most; work on your car. This includes oil changes, suspension installs, turbo installs, etc. etc. Saturday, another chapter ended in Project HellaFunctional and a new one began. This time the suspension was targeted (yet, again) and finally reworked to give some excellent results.
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Vendor Profile: APR, LLC.

Featuring in our second vendor profile is APR! As some around the forums know, I run APR products on my car. As some may ALSO note, is that Paul (the other Author or this site) runs strictly AWE products on his car. Yet, we live such balanced lives and offer our opinions with no tuner biased, on the forums, whatsoever. This goes to show you, we can live in a world were two great companies can compete!
I went to college in Auburn, AL (signified by my AU avatar on the forums) and just down the road was an awesome building that glowed the letters “A.P.R” at night. I was always curious about the facility yet was not in the VAG scene at that point. Now knowing, APR is definitely a one stop shop locally that I can get great insight and wonderful service merely 2 hours away. (Soon to be 15mins once I move back to Auburn…but thats the future….)
Check out their profile past the Break!