2013 Porsche Cayman

The gents from Stuttgart have recently unveiled their latest iteration of their midship, entry level specimen. This solid roofed variation of the Porsche Boxster (which also had its own freshening up) will be released first quarter if 2013.

Base model Caymans will be equipped with the new 2.7 liter motor good for 275bhp (up 10 from current examples) and increasing fuel economy by a little over 10% to 30mpg (highway, manual). For those wanting more, the Cayman S packs the same 3.4 liter, but with a similar bump in horsepower (325bhp, up 5bhp) and fuel economy (28mpg highway, manual).

Other noteworthy refinements come in the form of new sheet metal, redesigned, Panamera-like interior and revised head and tail lamps. Among those revisions is the addition of LED running lights, optional dynamic engine mounts and a torque vectoring limited slip differential. Also, this latest iteration is lighter, longer and wider. The general shape that we’ve all come to associates with the Cayman stays the same.

There are a slew of available options, as per Porsche tradition, to tailor your Cayman to your taste. The PDK (Porsche doppelkupplungs) or dual clutch transmission is present as well as various other options that get the delivered price well into the stratosphere like the PCCB or Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake system.

On paper, the new Cayman is promising. With a new electromechanical steering system, though, we will have to wait until the car is released to see if Porsche kept the feel that makes a Porsche, a Porsche. At any rate, Porsche continues to bridge the gap between the legendary 911 and their young, fresh Cayman making the choice that much harder.