Clutch Masters FX 400 – 600 Mile Review Update

hit 600 miles this morning so it is time for an update.

Overall, I am even happier than I was 10 days ago. A few notes:

– It has quieted down even more. It still isn’t the right set-up for you if you want NO chatter, but as someone who frequently has individuals in the car that may complain about weird noises, it still works wonderfully. Noise is incredibly minimal.
– Its great in traffic. I have been driving manual for the better part of 15 years so once I got "the dance" down it became a dream. You have to be quick, but if you are quick and smooth its perfect. It reminds me of a slightly less aggressive version of the stock clutch on the Mazdaspeed 3. All that said, if you like the "lazy" feeling of the stock clutch, this might not be for you. You do have to be a bit more "present." not significantly, but a bit.
– As some of that 600 miles (probably about 1/3rd) was on the highway, I am waiting to really get on it for a while. That said, I did a couple rev matched downshifts today and they were amazing. Engine speed definitely doesn’t "hang" during shifts as much which makes rev matching super super easy. Additionally I think I was absolutely losing some power on the stock clutch even when I couldn’t feel it slipping.
– If you do as much traffic driving as I do I would strongly recommend the full face/8 puck. I wouldn’t want to drive the 6 puck in the traffic I face.


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